Way to beautiful and lasting nails

woman with black nails and bright eye make-up


 How many times did it happen on the next day that on freshly applied nail (or even a few hours after) appeared ugly, annoying splinter? How many times did it happen just when you wanted it to be perfect?



If you do not want such unpleasant surprises to happen and a lacquer which so far has caused a lot of trouble keeping up on the board longer, and nails look nice and elegant for a long time, there is a way – hybrid manicure.



This is a new manicure technique that allows you to get really shiny and long-lasting color.

This is the perfect solution for all women who do not have time for frequent beauty salon visits or for spending long hours at precise painting nails at home and even longer waiting for them to dry.

Choosing a hybrid manicure, you do not have to wait forever to dry them or to help yourself with a dryer- you leave the beauty salon with nails completely dry.


This type of manicure is also perfect for women with a nail plate which for various reasons does not hold lacquer too long.

Nail lacquer of hybrid manicure is cured by UV light – that is why it stays for approximately

14 days, it does not fade, it does not chip off even during daily housework and it is resistant to the cleaner.

It is therefore a great treatment before the holiday, travel on official duty, or any other occasion when you do not want to think and worry about condition of your nails.

How this treatment look like? You can choose one color or decide to have a French manicure.

First the beautician will prepare your  nails for painting as with any other type of manicure.

Then apply a special coating formulations and hybrid lacquer – the latest development in cosmetic technology – each of them is hardened for a few minutes by UV light.

The whole process takes about an hour. After this time, you can completely forget about your nails for about two weeks and be sure that your nails always look great.



To whom first of all?
rarely going to the beautician,
having difficulty maintaining lacquer on the nail plate,
wanting  to maintain a healthy glow and nail effect for a long time,
before trips.

Main advantages:

lasting and glowing color for approx. 14 days,

protection of the nail plate,

no need of drying paint,

no need to use the polish and application of continuous improvements