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Take care of the beauty of your body and it will dazzle with its splendor and your joy will never be disturbed by the shadow of its passing.

Cosmetology means beauty, harmony, grace, decoration, charm. In the practical sphere, it is related to the hygiene of life, maintaining, restoring, improving and making a person’s external appearance more attractive. Cosmetology achieves these goals using non-invasive methods, which include various beauty treatments. Aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery are also closely intertwined with cosmetology.

In the Cameleonia beauty salon, cosmetology is treated not only as a specialty, but also as an art of beautification. At the Cameleonia beauty salon, we will take care of your skin and appearance. With first-class cosmetic treatments, we will improve your well-being and life satisfaction.

Cameleonia Salon recommends:

microneedle mesotherapy
AHA and BHA acids
diamond microdermabrasion
needle-free mesotherapy
flower peeling
sonophoresis – ultra sounds
radio waves/biostimulating laser
ultrasonic liposuction

Give yourself a chance for an aesthetic change, and we will make it with the greatest artistic skill. We invite you.


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tel: 733 683 833
tel: 12 42 22 699

About us

Cameleonia beauty salon

Cameleonia – the land of transformations. The name reflects the uniqueness of our studio, which is given by its warm and friendly atmosphere. Full of commitment, friendly and experienced staff will make you feel safe and comfortable with us, and will also advise you in choosing the right treatments and cosmetics for you.


Cameleonia beauty salon
ul. Krakowska 35,
entrance from the gate
tel.: 733 683 833
tel.: tel.: 12 42 22 699