These treatments based on Chinese medicine are provided by an outstanding specialist, therapeutic massage technician, reflexotherapist and dietetician.


Reflexotherapy is a foot relaxation technique based on the meridian theory. Thanks to the experience and bioenergetic skills of the therapist, the whole body reacts to the therapy through the feelings of warmth, cold, shivers, pins and needles, etc. During each session you are also encouraged to work on your breath. Depending on your needs, you can obtain deep relaxation or significant impulse for health improvement.


Chinese medicine and 5 element diet – individual prophylactic or therapeutic diets are developed based on interviews and tongue diagnoses. This treatment also suggests plant recipes and natural supplements based on domestic or foreign nanotechnology products (immediate cell penetration).


Breathing session – By removing energy blockades from cell memory the technique helps to determine the causes of and relieve stress and tension in the physical body.