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Stay with us for a while… the best cosmetologists, physiotherapists and masseurs are at your disposal, and carefully selected treatments and cosmetics will keep your skin young!

Aesthetic medicine

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Take care of the beauty of your body and it will dazzle with its splendor and your joy will never be disturbed by the shadow of its passing.


Henna of eyelashes and eyebrows

Henna is a treatment intended to give your eyelashes and eyebrows a lasting, natural color.


Eyelash extensions

At the Cameleonia beauty salon, we extend eyelashes using 1:1 and volumetric methods. The procedure usually takes about 2 hours.


Ear piercing

If you want to express yourself through earrings and talk about yourself using them, come to the Cameleonia beauty salon.



If you are irritated by tedious daily shaving, which also irritates your delicate skin, visit the Cameleonia beauty salon.


Massages and reflexology

If you feel chronic fatigue and chronic stress, it is a sign that your overworked body and exhausted psyche are in need of some serious relaxation.


Facial treatments

At the Cameleonia beauty salon, we offer everyone a rich set of treatments using high-quality cosmetics and staff skills.


Treatments for men

A man’s attractiveness is influenced, among other things, by clean and healthy skin. These elements largely determine sympathy for men, admiration for them and interest in them.


Treatments for pregnant women

We offer pregnant women a large set of professional and safe treatments for themselves and their pregnancy, using appropriate preparations tailored to the needs and skin type.


Hand and foot care

Hands and feet deserve special attention and care. At the Cameleonia beauty salon, we offer a wide range of treatments related to the care of nails and the skin of hands and feet.


Treatments for the eye area

At the Cameleonia beauty salon, we can slow down the passing of time. Without distorting reality, we can transform unpleasant changes into a refined and captivatingly fresh beauty.

Our specializations

What we specialize in

We cordially invite you to our Cameleonia beauty studio located in the heart of the city. The uniqueness and intimacy of Cameleonia as well as qualified and experienced staff are a guarantee of relaxation, rest in a nice and friendly atmosphere and high-class beauty and health treatments.


In the Cameleonia beauty salon, cosmetology is treated not only as a specialty, but also as an art of beautification. At the Cameleonia beauty salon, we will take care of your skin and appearance. With first-class cosmetic treatments, we will improve your well-being and life satisfaction.

Prices from PLN 99

Massages and reflexology

At the Cameleonia beauty salon you will find a wide range of massages. Among others: relaxation massage, classic massage, aromatherapy massage, hot stone massage, Ayurvedic relaxation, therapeutic massage.

Massage is health. Be good to yourself. Give yourself a moment of health and open yourself to the joy of life. Welcome to the Cameleonia beauty salon.

Prices from PLN 99

Henna of eyelashes and eyebrows

Thanks to precise application and carefully selected shades, your appearance will become more expressive and attractive. You don’t have to worry about painting your eyebrows and eyelashes every day, because henna is resistant to washing out and lasts for a longer time, depending on the condition and condition of the natural hair. Regardless of whether you prefer a more natural look or want to experiment with intense colors, the Cameleonia beauty salon will meet your expectations.

Prices from PLN 99
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About us

Cameleonia beauty salon

Cameleonia – the land of transformations. The name reflects the uniqueness of our studio, which is given by its warm and friendly atmosphere. Full of commitment, friendly and experienced staff will make you feel safe and comfortable with us, and will also advise you in choosing the right treatments and cosmetics for you.


Cameleonia beauty salon
ul. Krakowska 35,
entrance from the gate
tel.: 733 683 833
tel.: tel.: 12 42 22 699