Male skin care

Men are from Mars and women are from Venus – we know it not from today, but not all men know that their skin is different from women’s skin, therefore , they require different care.
Colloquially, it is said that men are thick-skinned – not necessarily it is a characteristic trait but … morphological differences in its construction. The stratum corneum of man is greater than the skin of women with 32 layers of cornified cells. Increased secretion of the sebaceous glands process , a greater number of hair follicles , greater blood flow , greater amount of melanin , elastic fibers and smooth , the effect of hormones ( androgens ) – all this makes it less vulnerable to external factors.
However it  does not mean  that it is not susceptible to climate change and pollution. Therefore in  spring men also should take care of their skin because – just like women’s skin – it is tired of winter. Dead , residual skin needs to be removed so that the skin receives a stimulus for increased recovery – for that we recommend diamond microdermabrasion.
Get rid of the top layer of dead skin not only reveals a layer of fresher and younger  skin but also stimulates for more efficient recovery.

A man receives a facemask treatment in the beautyfarm

Skin exfoliation stimulates fibroblasts to produce collagen , which cannot be supplied from outside the skin .

The skin will produce collagen itself when we provoke it to. The deeper exfoliation the more effective restoration of the skin. We also expect that  discoloration and even the scars will fade away by deep peels.
The contemporary cosmetic market pointed out the differences in male skin care , which is why in every beauty salon offer you will find a range of treatments designed specifically for men and a  professional line of cosmetics for men.
The directions for male skin care are similar to those for female skin – treatments carried out are nutritious, oxygenating, anti-aging and normalizing – the difference is detected in treatment  ritual, composition of specially selected line of male cosmetics, and scent. For example, a massage of man’s facial skin is generally stronger and  movements during this facial are determined.
Our salon offers  for men – apart from the mentioned  diamond microdermabrasion – three dimensional treatments Botanic Man :
    moisturizing and soothing treatment for dry, sensitive, and overly reactive skin
    refreshing energizing treatment for anoxic and gray skin,
    normalizing treatment for oily skin.
A good suggestion for a year-round care is almond acid peel – cleansing, reducing pores, reducing the production of sebum, nourishing and moisturizing, and improving the skin tone.
In autumn we recommend a series of peels with fruit acids: alpha and beta hydroxy acids.
Throughout the year we offer male hands and feet treatments.