Foot care

Just like the rest of our body we should also take care of our feet  through  the whole year. In practice, however, we often neglect them in winter and more likely take care of them in spring and summer. When the seasons change and shoes change for flip-flops and sandals it is not proper to show the feet of unaesthetic heels or nails because suddenly they receive from us more attention. Only with well-groomed feet we feel we look good and attractive.
Feet tend to have dry and sensitive skin on the forefoot and callused soles  (heel areas , edge of the feet , fingertips ). Feet skin has also significantly less of the sebaceous glands than this located in other places of the body. Therefore, if we always want to have well-groomed feet we need to give them some time every day not just on special occasions.


Basic care is getting rid of the dead skin 1-2 times a week with peels and daily moisturizing with softening and nourishing lotions and creams. At least once a month it is worth to do a professional pedicure at the beauty salon.
Apart from dry, calloused skin feet can also cause us other problems , such as sweating. They often are caused by ourselves by overheating feet , wearing socks and tights of synthetic materials and tight shoes made of synthetic leather or plastic. To the rescue a professional creams, gels and feet deodorants are coming, as well as the resignation from the plastic to leather shoes .
An important part of the appearance of feet are nails. We should cut them straight and not too short, preserving the shape of the nail plate , never on the sides, because it promotes taking root.
It is worth to smooth the nail plate by polishing nail file, and nail skin with each feet wash back off with a wooden spatula or with the banks of towel , so that it will not overlap on your nails. Finally, it is good to cover the nail plate with nutrient or nutritional lacquer primer . For impatient people who do not like toenail painting every few days , we offer hybrid pedicure that is cover the nail plate with colorful gel-lacquer curable by UV light (so lacquer stays for about 14 days ) . For traditionalists there are available options of colors as close as possible to the natural or French – lacquer with a white end.
When we have manicured feet, we invite you to walk barefoot on the grass. Approaching a period of picnics , nothing relaxes feet as freedom and micromassage. Walking barefoot on the grass, sand or even at home amazingly improves circulation and gives our feet a pleasant exercise .
Picnic and holiday are just around the corner , so , ladies and gentlemen , take good care of your feet! Because they carry you through life.