Ultrasonic liposuction

 Ultrasonic liposuction is a procedure in which we effectively get rid of the adipose tissue accumulated around the abdomen, waist, hips, thighs, buttocks,
calves and even arms. This treatment is helpful at the time when diet,
exercise does not give the required result.
But we should remember however, that this is not a method of obesity treatment overall.
This modern way of modeling adipose tissue is completely non-invasive,
because it does not affect the integrity of the skin, does not require anesthesia.
How to prepare for the treatment:
First of all, it is important to get individual consultation, during which you will be told about the effects, possible complications and contraindications or exclusion.
The frequency of treatment – 1 time a week
The number of treatments in series – up to 10
The treatment repeatable – 1 time per month
The next series – after 6 months
Max. Treatment time – 80 minutes
The treatment can be combined with:
     Chinese cupping massage
     Manual slimming massage
     Manual lymphatic drainage
Recommendations after the treatment:
The reduction of the consumption of carbohydrates and fats
Increasing the amount of consumed water  up to about 2 liters per day
Avoid saunas, hot baths, solarium
Do not exercise
Do not consume alcohol
After the treatment remember the proper skin care
Contraindications to the treatment:
Pregnancy and breast-feeding,
neoplastic diseases,
skin disorders in form of breaking the continuity of the epidermis,
viral and bacterial diseases,
liver diseases,
cardiac insufficiency,
weak blood clotting,
HIV infection
exhaustion of the body,
presence of metallic foreign bodies and implants in the area of the treatment
starter motor or heart valve,
multiple sclerosis
The effects of the treatment:
     improvement of the overall condition of the skin
     excellent modeling of waistline by the treatment applied to the abdomen area
     slender sites undergoing
     firming by removing excess water from the body
     reduction fat tissue from areas where it is very difficult
     great alternative to surgical liposuction
     does not relapse accumulation adipose tissue (no yo-yo effect)