• Classical massage
  • Relaxation massage
  • Aromatherapy massage
  • Chocolate massage
  • Honey massage
  • Hot stone massage
  • Fore-handed massage
  • Anti-cellulite lymphatic drainage of the entire body
  • Japanese massage
    Created in the 20th century by Dr Masayuki Saionji, this diagnostic, therapeutic and prophylactic method is based on three groups of techniques: joint manipulation, massage and acupressure (one session involves a total of 100 techniques). Bodily balance is restored by working on the pelvis first and subsequently on other body segments.
  • Heavy massage
    This technique is based on classical and sports massage for muscles and joints. The massage is aided by passive stretching movements and by piezometric muscle relaxation techniques where required. It is recommended for active people.
  • Relaxing ajurvedic oil massage
    Relaxing and energizing massage whose delicate and smooth movements at optimum pace originate from traditional Hindu medicine. It is applied to the entire body and based on natural oils (mostly sesame seed oil).
  • Modelling body massage
    Intended to facilitate the slimming process, this massage supports the process of reducing excessive fat tissue with particular manual techniques. The method is also used for reducing cellulite defects. This massage is applied to the so called “problem areas”, i.e. loins, buttocks and thighs. Offered as single sessions.
  • Hawaiian touch
    Typical relaxing and prophylactic massage based on Hawaiian treatment techniques including Lomi-lomi and Ma-Uri massage.
  • Holistic massage
    This vital massage combining classical massage and acupressure focuses on the key acupressure points or on points selected according to individual needs. The massage improves metabolism, relieves tension, and most of all helps restore energetic balance and awakens vitality subdued by everyday routine.