“Chocolate” – slimming – relaxing treatment anticellulitis

“Chocolate” – slimming – relaxing treatment anticellulitis
This treatment is a real chocolate revolution. It was created to make an unforgettable pleasure to chocolate epicure … The sweet taste and smell of chocolate bring good cheer and trigger the production of endorphins – happiness hormones. The treatment has strong aroma therapeutic properties, acts positively on the skin not only by nourishing and moisturizing it, but also on the senses, improving the well-being of each of the women.
The treatment is designed for both women and men. It can be performed with vascular problems of the skin, applied to the face and the whole body. The ideal help for tired, flabby , and after pregnancy skin.
The admission to the treatment is to make sugar body scrub exfoliating dead skin, then the  thermal or bioactive layer of slimming concentrate is applied and massaged into the body.
The next step is to spread out the slimming – relaxing CHOCOLATE Mask. When you take off the mask the caviar firming serum is used. The treatment ends with modeling full body massage using Magic Body Cream which intensively reduces cellulite and stretch marks.
Indications for the treatment:
     excess body fat,
     cellulite, loss of firmness,
     early skin aging,
     weakening of the skin during weight loss diets,
     contaminated skin,
     tired and gray skin.
Effects of the treatments:
reduction of body fat,
elimination of cellulite, skin smoothing,
increase skin elasticity and firmness,
strengthening of connective tissue, improvement of skin tension,
care, nutrition and relaxation for the skin.
Duration: about 2 hours