“Red wine” – rejuvenating and firming treatment

“Red wine” – rejuvenating and firming treatment
Innovative treatment based on red wine, for people in all ages ,who are: stressed, losing weight, fighting with cellulite.
The treatment can be used on the whole body as well as the selection of its parts. Ideal for tired and contaminated skin.
The procedure is preceded by a body scrub with grape seeds of Red Wine, perfectly cleansing and softening the skin, improving its blood supply and oxygenation. The next step is applying the mask with red wine on the body. It lowers the level of harmful free radicals, eliminates toxins, improving microcirculation and stimulates the metabolism, and also giving the effect of rejuvenating, firming, smoothing and moisturizing the skin.
After removing the mask the rejuvenating and firming concentrate of Red Wine is massaged into the body. Its mission is the nutrition and hydration of the skin, stimulation of  collagen and elastin regeneration, and the support of processes initiated by the Red Wine mask. The final stage is the massaging with Red Wine lotion, which is designed to keep the effect of the treatment.
Indications for the treatment:
     cellulite, loss of firmness,
     excess body fat,
     early aging of the skin,
     dehydrated skin,
     flabby skin,
     contaminated skin,
     tired and gray skin,
     abnormal excretion of toxic substances
Effects of the treatment:
     rejuvenating, firming, smoothing the skin,
     intense hydration, detox and improvement of metabolism and microcirculation,
     fat reduction and cellulite
     reducing the level of harmful free radicals.
Duration: about 2 hours