“Gold Rush” – moisturizing and lightening treatment

“Gold Rush” – moisturizing and lightening treatment
A luxurious treatment using pure gold particles, allowing to move to a magical world of luxury and absolute relaxation. Irreplaceable Ghassoul clay from Morocco, colloidal gold, and dates fruit extract relax and  sooth the nervous system, help remove toxins and provide valuable minerals deep into the skin . After the treatment the skin is lightened, nourished, cleansed and moisturized.
The treatment begins with a sugar scrub that perfectly removes dead skin. The next step is massaging the moisturizing and rejuvenating concentrate, and putting on then the mask with flecks of gold.
Treatment “Gold Rush” is complete with massage using cashmere mask.
Indications for the treatment:
loss of elasticity and flexibility of the skin,
dehydrated skin,
excessive fat and cellulite,
contaminated and anoxic skin,
malaise associated with stress.
Effects of the treatments:
silky smooth body, wrapped in light-reflective particles of gold,
Improved blood circulation,
deeply cleansed skin
deep hydration,
beautifully emphasized suntan
toned, strengthened and anoxic skin.
Duration: about 2 hours