“Coconut Island” – slimming and regenerating treatment

“Coconut Island” – slimming and regenerating treatment
Relaxing and soothing treatment with a nutritional, smoothing, firming and anti-aging action. It  affects on appearance and slimming figure considerably.
The treatment is preceded by a creamy body peeling containing organic coconut oil, Babassu oil which smoothen the skin, vitamin E and minced particles of Macadamia nuts that exfoliate dead skin.
The next step in treatment is to massage the body using a potion based on the basis of organic coconut oil and macadamia nut oil. Then we put slimming-drainage coconut algae mask.
After removal of the mask the regenerating concentrate is massaged into the body based on an organic basis of coconut oil, and vitamins E and C. The final stage of the treatment is the use of coconut lotion to effects  fixation of the treatment.
Indications for the treatment:
slimming action,
excess fatty tissue,
cellulite, loss of skin firmness,
dry, flaking skin,
prophylactically to maintain an attractive appearance.
Effects of the treatment:
reduction of fatty tissue (abdomen, thighs, buttocks)
reduction of cellulite
body sculpting
improvement of the voltage and firmness of skin
smoothing, regeneration, moisturizing of skin
deep relaxation and comfort
Duration: 2 hours