Ear piercing

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Ear piercing

For thousands of years, an earring has not only had an aesthetic function, but also was a kind of “language” that said a lot about the person who wore it. Today it also has a lot to say about man. If you want to express yourself through earrings and talk about yourself using them, come to the Cameleonia beauty salon. We will pierce your ears professionally and safely. Piercing is performed with a gun using sterile earrings. The procedure is short-lasting and has low pain. We invite you.


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Cameleonia beauty salon

Cameleonia – the land of transformations. The name reflects the uniqueness of our studio, which is given by its warm and friendly atmosphere. Full of commitment, friendly and experienced staff will make you feel safe and comfortable with us, and will also advise you in choosing the right treatments and cosmetics for you.


Cameleonia beauty salon
ul. Krakowska 35,
entrance from the gate
tel.: 733 683 833
tel.: tel.: 12 42 22 699