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Treatments for men

Attractiveness is a feature shaped by many factors that make someone who has it perceived as charming and attractive. The attractiveness of a modern man is influenced, among other things, by clean and healthy skin. These elements largely determine sympathy for men, admiration for them and interest in them. Without them, a man is like a sailing ship without sails. The Cameleonia beauty salon offers men beautifying facial treatments.

In our salon we offer a wide range of cleansing, moisturizing, regenerating and rejuvenating treatments. Home care plays an important role in skin care, which is why every gentleman using the services of our beauty salon will receive information and instructions on how to take care of the skin and what cosmetics to use.

What treatments for men?

A moisturizing and soothing treatment for men with dry, sensitive and overly reactive skin. This treatment calms and soothes irritations and facial erythema. The soothing ingredients include: panthenol, witch hazel, horse chestnut strengthening blood vessels. The hyluronic acid, hydromanil and gluconolactone contained in the preparations provide the effect of immediate and prolonged skin hydration.

Duration: approx. 1 hour

A refreshing and energizing treatment for men with hypoxic, gray skin that requires refreshment and an “energy injection”. This treatment refreshes and brightens the skin and increases its vitality. Baobab contained in cosmetics protects against water loss, improves skin hydration and makes it smooth. The presence of creatine stimulates the synthesis of collagen, which elasticizes and softens the skin and protects against oxidative stress.

Duration: approx. 1 hour

Normalizing treatment for men with seborrheic or combination skin. The treatment normalizes the functioning of the sebaceous glands and tightens enlarged pores. The preparations contain zinc-PCA, horsetail, and willow bark extract, which regulate sebum secretion, have bacteriostatic and astringent properties, and at the same time prevent microbiological infections and inhibit skin inflammation, soothe irritations and support skin healing.

Duration: approx. 1 hour

There is always something priceless about attractiveness and you can feel sorry for those who have not taken care of it. If you want to have an attractive appearance and class, come to the Cameleonia beauty salon. We invite you.


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